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From social media and marketing yourself, to carving out a unique brand identity, to money (!) and how to plan in a way to set yourself up for success.

We’re embarking on a new path- growing from events, into an online community and trove of resources (but don’t worry, there are still events)! Our goal is create an online destination for all things freelance- the who/what/how of going your own way, of taking your creative passions, and working for yourself!

While there are many great resources for the career-minded, our focus is on those magical creative people- the ones with the drive and the determination who just so happen to be entering uncharted territory.

Here, you won’t learn how to climb a ladder- you’ll learn how to build your own.

We cover topics like:

  • product-based businesses, the unique challenges

  • photography + taking better images for your brand/business

  • inspiration- finding new sources and staying inspired (while juggling biz demands!)

  • money- figuring out your rate and negotiating contracts

  • how and what to invest in when you’re starting

  • social media- how to maximize it, tips + tricks

  • networking- how to build contacts + clients when you’re first starting

  • and more!